by Oliver Lanz

A life-blog about everything and nothing


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Beer cocktail

Your job fills your pocket – and your adventures fill your soul. I am lucky to work in an exciting industry, where adventures and job meet. We are using exciting technology to build large, complex systems, with skilled people from all around the world. I thrive being in the intersection of logic, technology, entrepreneurship, creativity and teamwork. Both, professionally, but also for recreational purposes, I choose to use a lot of time there.

In this section I share new learnings in order to facilitate learning for others, but also fe me to be able to remember 🙂

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Brewing With Malt Extract

The experiences we collect in life is what we remember. Experiencing things together is what creates bonds. That’s why we create good experiences – even in difficult times. It brings us together, and helps us remember.

I am sharing good experiences for friends and family, and anyone who seeks inspiration.

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Brewing With Steeped Grain

Diving, photography, music, nature, and food. These are interests that help me intensify the experience of my surroundings. Being an ex-pat, I know how inspiring it can be to learn about new surroundings.

Here I share remarkable encounters from my surroundings in Denmark, and other places I travel, in the hope to enrich someone else’s life.

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